Chef Fabio Viviani

Top Chef “Fan Favorite” Fabio Viviani has harbored a passion for food since his childhood in Italy. After executing multiple concepts in Florence, the celebrity chef and best-selling cookbook author expanded his hospitality empire throughout the United States. Since his arrival state-side in 2005, Chef Viviani has opened three dozen of food establishments, restaurants, bars, and event spaces. With over 10 million meals served each year, Fabio Viviani Hospitality is one of the leading restaurant groups in the US., while he has become one of the most influential culinary and hospitality names in the country. @fabioviviani
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Italian Pork Schnitzel made with RITZ Crushed Crackers

Chef Fabio believes the buttery crunch of RITZ Crushed Crackers makes all the difference when creating a breading that holds up to frying and keeps diners happy. “Crumbling that golden, flaky beautiful cracker into the breading … It’s the only thing that matters. If it’s soggy, not happy. Crunchy, happy.”

Chef Clarice Lam

Clarice Lam fuses the flavor profiles of her travels into all of her creations. Clarice is currently working on her first cookbook “Breaking Bao,” to be published by Chronicle Books in 2024. Chef Lam is on the Pro Advisory Committee at ICE (Institute of Culinary Education), a freelance contributor at The Spruce Eats, Epicurious, and Food & Wine, and the first chef ambassador for Mondeléz International Foodservice after winning the nationwide 2021 OREO Cookies Recipe Contest.


OREO 110 Celebration MoonPie Cake

“OREO really is America’s favorite cookie, so much so that it’s become an iconic flavor in desserts around the world. I love creating recipes with OREO Cookies because its flavor is so recognizable it automatically infuses nostalgia into whatever I make.”

Chef Paola Velez

Named to Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs 2021 list, this joyful pastry chef’s bold and vibrant desserts are matched by her energy, humor and enthusiasm to improve kitchen culture and help make the hospitality industry a more fair and equitable place. Raised in New York City and the Dominican Republic, Chef Paola grew up with access to almost every exotic fruit imaginable. This drove to her to become an advocate for equitably sourced food and sustainability. She believes in using her resources to help the communities and restaurants she works with make impactful change.


Hazelnut Dulce de Leche Brownies made with Chunky CHIPS AHOY! Cookie Pieces

“I was inspired to create this recipe from the gooey parts of the CHIPS AHOY! Cookie. But I still wanted the awesome crunch of the CHIPS AHOY! Cookie pieces. To elevate this recipe I added hazelnut pieces and Dulce de leche for a nutty and decadent layer of flavor. Sprinkling CHIPS AHOY! Cookie pieces on top makes this dessert insanely good!”

Chef Keegan Gerhard

Keegan Gerhard is the Chef and Owner of D Bar Restaurant in Denver, CO. Named one of the nation’s top 10 pastry chefs of 2002 and 2004 by both Chocolatier and Pastry Arts & Design magazines, Chef Keegan has been featured on TV many times including appearances on “Great Chefs of America,” CNN, HGTV, DIY and most notably as host and head judge of over 200 episodes of Food Network’s “Food Network Challenge” and “Last Cake Standing” series. Among other honors, he also served as technical advisor to gold medal-winning Team USA in the 2001 Pastry World Cup. In 2012, chef Keegan was honored with a Doctorate of Culinary Arts by Johnson & Wales University.


D Bar Old School cookie made with OREO Cookies

"I became a Chef, I never imagined I would use OREO Cookies in a professional kitchen. Thirty years into my career I consider them an indispensable ingredient. With its simple clean flavors, OREO Cookies can serve as the inspiration for a complete dessert or a perfect way to fortify flavor. The best part of using OREO Cookies in your desserts – If you say OREO, you know it will sell!"

Chef Jackie Joseph

JJBakes & Co. founder and “fierce lady”, Chef Jackie Joseph, bakes, decorates and astonishes with her complex and creative custom cakes and elegant baked goods. The Eastern Kentucky native served as the Olympic Pastry Chef at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada; was named as one of StyleBlueprint’s “6 Faces of the South;” had her work featured in the Courier-Journal and USA Today and on Food Network’s Chopped Sweets; and was crowned the winner of Food Network’s Best Baker in America, Season 4.


"Old Fashioned" Bourbon Petite Gateau with OREO Cookie Pieces

I love working with brands like CHIPS AHOY! Cookies and OREO Cookies because they’re the epitome and definition of nostalgia. These brands grew up with us. When I think of both... I think of my childhood and the comfort of home. They have both perfected the cookie. So, when adding CHIPS AHOY! Cookies or OREO Cookies to any dessert, you know you’re going to have something that everyone can enjoy and love.

Chef Maeve Rochford

Chef Maeve, owner of Sugar and Scribe which has been named a “Best Bakery” four years in a row, specializes in traditional Irish cuisine, both sweet and savory, and loves tapping into her Irish roots for inspiration. Chef Maeve was named California Restaurant Association’s Chef of the Year in 2019 and has had numerous appearances in cooking and baking competitions including winning Season 2 of Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship and competing on Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship Homecoming Special, Beat Bobby Flay and Kids Baking Championship. Her restaurant/bakery also won a “Critic’s Choice” in the Best Dessert category in San Diego Magazine's Best Restaurants of 2023.


Nutty Cookie Cake made with Chunky CHIPS AHOY! Cookie Pieces

I wanted to make a rich, moist cake using CHIPS AHOY! Cookie Pieces and drizzle chocolate and add more cookie pieces on top. It came out amazing and so moist. And, you can really taste the cookie! It was a hugely popular item. We sold over 100 of them the first week!

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