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Chef Patty & Chef Carmisha: A Dynamic Duo

Taking beloved Mondelēz brands and transforming them into new formats and flavors? That’s all in a day’s work for our dynamic duo of foodservice chefs, Chef Patty and Chef Carmisha.

These powerful female chefs apply their creativity and cunning to craft recipes, limited time offer ideas, product innovations and more for foodservice operators.

The chefs collaborate with each other—and customers—on winning, crave-worthy creations across every facet of the industry.

Innovating on Iconic Brands

Chef Carmisha and Chef Patty work on different parts of the process when it comes to product development, but both have the shared responsibility of bringing new ideas to life while still maintaining the flavor customers expect when they see brands like OREO on the menu.

Chef Carmisha specializes in product development, concept development, ideation and brainstorming flavor trends.

“I assist our customers in developing fun, new and innovative LTO’s that have OREO Cookies, CHIPS AHOY!, NUTTER BUTTER and a whole array of our really cool brands that are very, very special in what we do,” she said.

The exciting challenge for Chef Carmisha is taking these snacks and desserts that are cherished by so many and finding new ways to bring them to life.

“How do we take that look at some of the flavor offerings that we have currently today—especially the new OREO flavors that we launch every year—and make something that's very new yet familiar, especially in a time like today when we're all looking for comfort?” explained Chef Carmisha. “The challenge is finding new ways to put a spin on these classic flavors.”

Chef Carmisha works directly with customers to create concepts that incorporate trending flavors using consumer research and insight, acting as a strategic partner in menu and product ideation.

On the other end, Chef Patty specializes in helping Mondelēz Foodservice customers maximize the potential of the ingredients they purchase from us. That means working with manufacturers to maintain the high standard of quality and flavor associated with Mondelēz brands in product development.

For example, Chef Patty was a part of bringing back and revamping the fan favorite Double Stuf OREO Waffle Cone and Blast at SONIC, working on the manufacturer side to ensure the waffle cone was perfect.

Making sure that new products and menu items evoke the classic flavors of Mondelēz brands is no easy feat. After all, who wants to eat a dessert made with OREO Cookies and not taste equal parts chocolatey wafer and luscious créme? Or not see the iconic black and white colors? These are all careful considerations in Chef Patty’s role in delivering on the brand’s promised flavor.

Together, Chef Patty and Chef Carmisha form a highly experienced, full-service foodservice culinary team that elevates how Mondelēz brands are featured on the menu and in stores.

Revamping the Culinary Center

In addition to product development, Chef Patty is instrumental in developing recipe content for the Mondelēz Foodservice Culinary Center, where operators can find a wide range of inspiration and recipes that incorporate the latest trends and leverage branded ingredients.

“I get to create some fun things with all of our brands,” she said. “It’s fun to see them come together.”

From culinary inspiration videos to an extensive recipe database, you’ll discover new and exciting ways to satisfy customer cravings: from a Raspberry Bread Pudding made with Chunky CHIPS AHOY! Cookie Pieces to Pot Pie Bites made with RITZ Crushed Crackers. Take a look around and you’ll see that the Mondelēz Foodservice website has been updated to bring you the latest insights and inspiration in a user-friendly format.

Visit the Mondelēz Foodservice Culinary Center to discover recipes, trends and tips for delighting your customers.

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