Watermelon Margarita made with SOUR PATCH KIDS Bitz

Fresh watermelon juice and SOUR PATCH KIDS Bitz add an interesting twist to an already popular beverage. 



1 serving, 17.5 oz.

  • Sour Sugar

  • 4 oz.granulated sugar
  • 1½ oz.SOUR PATCH KIDS Bitz
  • 1½ tsp.tartaric acid

  • Garnish

  • ¼ tsp.simple syrup
  • ½ tsp.preparedSour Sugar
  • 1thinlime slice

  • Margarita

  • 1 oz.simple syrup
  • 1 oz.tequila
  • ½ oz.fresh lime juice
  • ½ oz.triple sec
  • 7 oz.crushed ice
  • 6 oz.frozenwatermelon cubes
  • 1½ oz.SOUR PATCH KIDS Bitz

Nutrition per serving

Calories400 Total fat0 gSaturated fat0 gTrans fat0 gCholesterol0 mgSodium10 mgCarbohydrate78 gDietary fiber1 gTotal Sugars69 gAdded sugars58 gProtein1 gVitamin A6 %DVVitamin C20 %DVVitamin D0 %DVCalcium2 %DVIron4 %DVPotassium4 %DV
For Garnish:  

Coat rim of glass with simple syrup then sprinkle with Sour Sugar. 

For Sour Sugar:  

Blend ingredients in blender to a fine powder. Store in airtight container at room temperature until ready to use.

For Margarita:  

Blend all ingredients, except candy pieces, in blender until smooth. Add candy and pulse to combine. Pour into prepared glass. Garnish with lime slice.


For a spicy kick, add thin jalapeno slices, a sprinkle of cayenne pepper or your other favorite hot pepper to margarita when blending.

Adjust the taste with more or less simple syrup, depending on the sweetness of the watermelon.

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