How to Build Your Best Sales with the Snack Rack Builder

March 8, 2018

Snack Rack Builder Create the best snack rack with this amazing tool. The snack rack builder helps you to design the right rack displayed with snacks to fit your need and appeal to your traffic. Attract the attention of your customers with an unlimited amount of combinations, customizable to your specifications. It works simply with these steps:

1 – Select your rack

There is no shortage of variety in the style of rack you can choose from in terms of design and functionality. There are multiple options ranging from countertop racks to floor racks. Choose to incorporate from two product racks up to sixteen product racks. These are arranged in all shapes and sizes. There are also product-specific racks, such as the countertop gum rack and the fruit rack.

2 – Choose preloaded recommended items

Once you pick a rack, you will then be able to fill your rack with products. There will automatically be products "preloaded" in your rack, with numbers on the products coordinating with numbers in the spaces on the rack where the product will go.

3 – Customize with additional items

Simply click on one of the products that you'd like to change, and a menu will open up on the left side showing all the food options you can put on your rack. The categories are Breakfast, Candy, Cookies, King Size, Salty Snacks and Wellness. Within each of these categories, you can pick out which product you would like to place in each spot on the rack.

4 – "Help Me Choose"

Another option is using the button in the top right corner, "Help Me Choose," which asks a few questions and generates a rack with products on it based on your answers. The questions it asks are:

What type of foodservice operation do you manage?
Business & Industry
College & University

What type of products are your customers looking for?
Indulgent Snacks
Healthy & Wholesome
Morning Energy
All Day Fuel

Note: You can only pick one option for each question.

From here, you can make adjustments to the product selections if you are not satisfied with the preloaded ones. This is a beneficial system because it promotes you to think about the micro market space you are planning and how to maximize the sales of products within that space.