5 Micro Market Promotions To Plan This Fall

July 13, 2018

Promotions excite consumers, and excited consumers return for more. That's the key to micro market promotions and why we've rounded up five examples of promotions to include this upcoming season.

1. Bring In Breakfast

Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day, but many people struggle to get a nutritious one when juggling the work-life balance. To meet the needs of people trying to find that convenient, on the go breakfast, offer options in your micro market. Pair a beverage such as juice or cold brew coffee with a breakfast item, such as a protein-packed biscuit. With the purchase of one, get the other at a discount.

Promotion goals

  • To drive up the transaction amount as consumers are now buying two items, instead of one.
  • To provide an immediate savings, something consumers prefer in a promotion because it's instant gratification.

2. Try Seasonal Flavors

From pumpkin to cinnamon, there are certain flavors consumers associate with autumn. Take advantage of this by offering both line extensions of popular items in fall flavors, such as pumpkin, as well as new products that can be marketed for the season. Offer these items at a discount to encourage consumers to try them for the first time. These seasonal items may become a regular favorite. In 2017, Mintel reported that seven in 10 consumers enjoy specific seasonal ingredients year-round and about four in 10 are willing to pay more for a seasonal dish when dining out.

Promotion goals

  • To get consumers to try a new product or brand extension that will lead to high sales after the promotion period.
  • To provide excitement in the micro market, drawing in consumers for fall flavors and more transactions.

3. Introduce A Combo

Putting together a combination meal is a great way to increase the transaction amount in a micro market. Operators can be very specific, combing a sandwich, soda, chip, and gum pack for a reduced rate (perhaps the gum pack free) or very general, listing a few options for each group and the entire combo is discounted. Or try a combination, pick three of the four options, and let consumers have options for the final category, which is either free or discounted.

Promotion goals

  • To drive up the number of transactions per day as consumers decide to eat from the micro market.
  • To create a new buying habit that includes a treat option or other category item that the consumer would not normally purchase.

4. Double Up Rewards

Many micro market operators use points or digital cash in their micro markets to encourage purchases and build loyalty. Take that system further by temporarily doubling the number of points or digital dollars the consumer received if their transaction is over a certain dollar amount.

Promotion goals

  • To drive up the transaction amount as consumers take advantage of getting double points on items they would already purchase.
  • To encourage consumers to keep coming back, in order to use the points or digital cash to purchase more items from the micro market.

5. Host A Re-Opening

Micro markets often start with a bang. Many operators hold a grand opening with preloaded cards, samples, prizes or other fun activity to introduce employees to the micro market and get them comfortable with using it. This fall it might be time for a second event - a mini celebration that includes handing out $1 or $2 coupons to use at the micro market to employees who have not signed up for an account. It could also be serving samples of newer, high margin products and/or healthy items that fit the location demographics.

Promotion goals

  • To increase the number of people with micro market accounts and ultimately use the micro market, including new employees or telecommuters who weren't there for the grand opening.
  • To produce a buzz that will get employees talking about the micro market and keep it top of mind for convenient refreshment.

Fall is a great time to run promotions. It provides an opportunity for seasonal flavors and consumers are in the workplace more, back from summer vacations. Start preparing now to build and execute fall promotions that will increase sales at your micro markets.