Movie Theater Ice Cream Sandwiches made with OREO & SOUR PATCH KIDS

Movie Theater Ice Cream Sandwiches made with OREO & SOUR PATCH KIDS

Every bite tastes like a trip to the concession stand. This blockbuster of a novelty treat features a salty and sweet popcorn ice cream layered between crunchy OREO Cookie Wafers and rolled in chewy SOUR PATCH KIDS Bitz.


17 servings, each 3.5 oz.

  • 62 oz. whole milk
  • 2-1/2 oz. popped popcorn
  • 24 oz. heavy cream
  • 18 oz. granulated sugar
  • 4-3/4 oz. dextrose powder
  • 2-3/4 oz. nonfat dry milk
  • 1 tsp. ice cream stabilizer
  • 34 three inch OREO Wafers
  • 8-1/2 oz. SOUR PATCH KIDS Bitz

Nutrition per serving

  • Calories


  • Total fat

    14 g

  • Saturated fat

    7 g

  • Trans fat

    0 g

  • Cholesterol

    35 mg

  • Sodium

    270 mg

  • Carbohydrate

    54 g

  • Dietary fiber

    1 g

  • Sugars

    37 g

  • Protein

    9 g

  • Vitamin A

    10 %DV

  • Vitamin C

    2 %DV

  • Calcium

    20 %DV

  • Iron

    15 %DV


Heat milk in large pan to 120°F. Add popcorn; remove from heat. Let stand 30 min. Strain, pressing as much milk as possible out of popcorn. Discard popcorn. Combine milk and cream in same pan. Whisk in combined sugar, dextrose, dry milk and stabilizer. Cook on medium heat until mixture reaches 165°F, stirring occasionally.

Blend milk mixture, in small batches, in blender 30 seconds. Pour into medium bowl. Chill bowl over ice water bath until mixture is cold. Refrigerate overnight.

Place half sheet pan in freezer. Freeze milk mixture in ice cream maker according to manufacturer's directions. Cover bottom of frozen sheet pan with parchment paper. Spread frozen ice cream evenly into pan. Freeze until solid or overnight. Use 2-1/2-inch round cutter to cut out 17 ice cream circles. Keep frozen until ready to assemble.

For each serving: Place 1 ice cream circle between 2 OREO Wafers. Press 1/2 oz. bitz onto edge of sandwich. Freeze until ready to serve.


  • Allow ice cream that is left over after removing the cut out circles to soften slightly. Spread it together and return to freezer to make additional ice cream discs.