Crispy Rice Ice Cream Sandwiches made with OREO Cookie Pieces

Crispy Rice Ice Cream Sandwiches made with OREO Cookie Pieces



  • Ice Cream With OREO
  • 1-3/4 lb. vanilla ice cream (2 qt.), slightly softened
  • 5 oz. OREO Medium Cookie Pieces

  • Crispy Rice Cookies
  • 20 oz. miniature marshmallows
  • 3 oz. unsalted butter
  • 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract
  • 12 oz. crisp rice cereal
  • 9 oz. OREO Small Cookie Pieces
  • 1-1/2 lb. coating chocolate

Nutrition per serving

  • Calories


  • Total fat

    8 g

  • Saturated fat

    5 g

  • Trans fat

    0 g

  • Cholesterol

    15 mg

  • Sodium

    85 mg

  • Carbohydrate

    29 g

  • Dietary fiber

    0 g

  • Sugars

    19 g

  • Protein

    1 g

  • Vitamin A

    10 %DV

  • Vitamin C

    6 %DV

  • Calcium

    2 %DV

  • Iron

    10 %DV


Ice Cream with OREO: Combine ingredients. Spread onto frozen half sheet pan. Freeze until solid. Remove from freezer and cut into 40 (3x1-1/2-inch) rectangles. Return to freezer until ready to use.

Crispy Rice Cookies: Melt marshmallows and butter in medium saucepan on medium-low heat, stirring constantly. Stir in vanilla.

Place cereal and OREO Pieces in large mixing bowl; add marshmallow mixture. Mix with hands until blended.

Divide mixture evenly between 2 half sheet pans generously sprayed with cooking spray. Spread mixture about 1/2-inch thick; press firmly. Let stand at room temperature 2 hours or until firm. Cut each pan into 34 (3x1-1/2-inch) rectangles.

To Assemble Sandwiches: Melt chocolate in saucepan on low heat until temperature registers 100°F.

Place 1 ice cream rectangle between 2 Crispy Rice Cookies. Dip each sandwich halfway into melted chocolate. Freeze until ready to serve.